Review Process of articles in the Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST)

(6-8 weeks)

All papers submitted to JMST are subject to a Double Blind peer reviewing procedure. Our editorial decision on each article is based on initial editor processing and refereeing by expert reviewers. Review times often differ depending on the subject area of the paper (maximum 8 weeks). All manuscripts submitted to JMST must be original contributions, and must not be under consideration for publication with another journal, nor have been previously published, in part or whole.

  1. Submit an article by the responsible author in the journal website.
  2. Review of the article by the experts of the journal in terms of following the editing guide (maximum one week).
    To expedite the judging process, please read the authors' guide carefully before submitting the article, then prepare and submit the article accurately based on the editing guide available in the webdite.
  3. Submission of the article by JMST Internal manager to Editor-in-Chief for initial evaluation, confirmation of the quality of the scientific content and the relevance of the subject (maximum one week)
  4. Evaluation of the article by Editor-in-Chief  and Editorial Board Members and appointment of Reviewers (maximum one week)
  5. Submit article to designated Reviewers


        The Review Process  of articles is as follows:

        A. If two Reviewers reject the article, the article will be rejected.

        B. If the opinion of one reviewers is Major Revision and the other reviewer Rejects the article, the article will be rejected.

        C. If the opinion of the two reviewers is Major Revision of the article, the article will be given to the author for review.

        D. If the opinion of one reviewers is Minor Revision and the other reviewer Rejects the article, the article will be sent to the third 

            reviewer and according to the opinion of the third reviewer , a decision will be made based on items A and B.


        6. The maximum initial Review Time for articles is 6 weeks.

            An email will be sent to the reviewers every week to remind them. If the article is not Review after one month, the article will be withdrawn from the reviewer and given to the new reviewer.

        7. Review answer:

            * Definitive acceptance of the article

            * Reject Article
            * Acceptance with article corrections

           If the article is accepted with corrections, the article is sent to the responsible author to make corrections on the article. Then send the corrective article to the journal office (within 2 weeks) to be presented to the reviewers for comparative evaluation.

       8. Depending on the amount of requested corrections, reviewer's opinions, speed and accuracy of the corrections by the authors, acceptance  in this journal will take maximum 4 months (if the final approval of the reviewers).

       9. Sending a letter of acceptance from the journal office to the responsible author of the article (one week).

      10. The accepted article will be sent to the Literary and English Editor for editing. The article will be returned to the responsible author after editing. The author must complete editing of the article within the prescribed time and submit the correctiond.


Please the responsible authors follow the status of the article in journal website. if necessary to contact the journal, send an email via the journal e-mail adress: and  Your email will be answered within 24 business hours. Any changes to the status of the article will also be notified via email.