Ethical Principles and Violations of Publication in the Journal of Marine Science and Technology

The Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST) is an open access quarterly. This journal is owned by the Iranian Marine Science and Technology Association and is published in Persian by Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology.

This journal will follow the Cope system in order to observe the ethical principles of publishing. For this reason, members of the editorial board and scientific advisors, editor-in-chief, writers, reviewers, editors and readers are required to adhere to these ethical principles when working with this publication.

Given that the Journal of Marine Science and Technology is subject to the rules of the Ethics Committee for Publication (COPE) and follows the executive regulations of the Law on Prevention and Combating Fraud in Scientific Works, if any violations are observed by researchers, in accordance with international law (COPE) will deal with violators.

To learn more about COPE rules, visit or click here to view related flowcharts.

Principles of Publication

Principles of Publishing Articles in the Journal of Marine Science and Technology follows a legal process in line with the macro policies of the Journal of Marine Science and Technology. Articles submitted must be in the specialized field of the journal and have an educational or research aspect and the result of the research work of the author or authors. According to the guidelines and guidelines of the Ethics Committee, published articles must be free of any charges such as insult and defamation, violation of copyright and copyright laws and plagiarism.

Considering that in addition to the opinion of the editor and editorial board members, the opinions of the reviewers are another part of the decision-making process, the results of this section, along the opinions of the editorial board, determine the final decision for each article. The Journal of Marine Science and Technology reserves the right to select valuable articles submitted for publication. In this regard, the responsible author must complete the copyright form and put it in the system when uploading the article.


The Journal of Marine Science and Technology is committed to protecting all information from submitted articles on special occasions and against untrustworthy individuals. Therefore, article information will be available only to the editorial board, reviewers and advisors.

Dentify and Deal with Allegations of Misconduct and Illegal Research Behaviors

The journal publisher and editor-in-chief will take reasonable steps to identify and prevent the publication of articles in which research misconduct, including plagiarism, citation manipulation, and data fabrication, has taken place. In no case will the jpurnal or it's affiliates knowingly support such abuses and will not allow this to happen. If such allegations arise from research misconduct related to a published article by a journal publisher or editor, the publisher or editor must follow the guidelines of the Ethics Committee.

Revenue sources / advertising / direct marketing

The Journal of Marine Science and Technology is sponsored by Khorramshahr University of Marine Science and Technology and has no other source of funding other than the amount received from the authors (at the time of initial review or final acceptance). Also, this Journal will not accept any advertisement for posting on the site or as a report article.

Publishing Schedule/Archiving

The Journal of Marine Science and Technology publishes four issues each year at the beginning of each chapter. All content from the beginning to the last issue will remain on the journal's website forever. Original rejected or canceled articles will be removed from the journal's agenda after six months and the journal will have no responsibility for it.

Responsibilities of the Author


The Journal of Marine Science and Technology publishes articles based on students' thesis (Ms or P.hd) and dissertations under the name of Supervisor, Advisors, and Students, with the approval of the Supervisor and his / her responsibilities. In this regard, responsible author is the responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the scientific and legal contents of the article and presented opinions.  The publication of the article does not mean approval of all its contents.

The article submitted for publication and citation in the journal must be approved by the responsible author on behalf of the other authors. Therefore, the author or authors must have an active presence in designing and providing the requirements for their article. All authors must carefully review the contents of their article and the submitted versions of the article must be approved by them. Because authors are responsible for the content of their submissions, articles will only be considered for publication if all authors agree.

Originality and Plagiarism

The authors undertake to submit the contents of the article from their original and original research for publication in the journal. In articles which some of the other articles are used in, the author or authors must correctly indicate and cite the source of the text used in the text of the article. Also, articles that translated from other languages, ​​will not be accepted. The Journal of Marine Science and Technology uses Hamyab similarity software to identify the authenticity of submitted articles.

Multiple, surplus and simultaneous release

Authors must be committed to this fact that in addition to being the subject of an article in the journal's domain, the article or parts of it should not have been reviewed or published in any journal in or outside the country, or not be submitted to other journals at the same time.  In case of simultaneous submission of articles to more than one journal, the rules of publishing ethics will be followed.

Confirmation of resources

Confirmation and announcement of sources used by other researchers's studies is always required. 

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

The responsible author on behalf of all authors must declare in the submitted version of their article any financial disputes or fundamental conflicts of interest, which may be affected by the results or interpretation of the article, therefore the form of conflict of interest must be approved and Send. Also, all sources of sponsorship of the project should be announced. It should be noted that the method of financing the research resulting from the article should be mentioned.

Duties and Responsibilities of Reviewers

Reviewers play an important role in assisting the editor-in-chief in making scientific editorial decisions. They also help authors improve their articles in the process of editing correspondence with authors.

Reviewers must also respect the confidentiality of the evaluation process and must not disclose information about the article to anyone other than the editor-in-chief without the author's written permission.

Reviewers must evaluate articles objectively, impartially and fairly. They should also avoid personal advocacy in their recommendations and judgments.

Reviewers should identify and review the references to which the author refers. Any conclusions or discussions that have already been made should be cited with the source. Also, the referees should inform the editor if they see any similarities or overlaps between the submitted article and another article.

Any Reviewers  who feel that they do not have the necessary ability to evaluation and review the article or that they are not able to review and evaluation the article quickly and in a timely manner, should notify the editor-in-chief and withdraw from the evaluation process. .

Urgency and Punctuality

If the authors do not send a response to correct the items mentioned in the article within the certain time period ,or the article is withdrawn after reviewing, or it is determined that the article was sent to another journal at the same time, the article is archived. Then due to the waste of time of reviewers and all the journal staff, the names of the authors will be blacklisted, so that no article will be received from these authors.

The Cost of Initial Inspection and Publishing

For the initial review of article, It is necessary to deposite of amount of 1,000,000 Rials and after the final acceptance of article, the amount of 2,000,000 Rials by the authors to publish the article. The initial review and final admission fee will be paid through the account numbers announced in the Authors Guide.